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Wedding Fireworks

A developing trend in today’s wedding market is the use of wedding sparklers and sky lanterns to enhance the special experience for the bride, groom, and guests. Many modern weddings feature wedding sparkler sendoff lines, where the bride and groom exit through a stunning path of sparkling magic. Other creative uses for sparklers on your wedding day are bouquets of sparklers on the reception tables, remarkable cake-top entrance effects, and unique photographic opportunities for the bride, groom, and guests to pose and do interesting scenarios with the wedding sparklers.

Sky lanterns are also an excellent way to involve everyone at the wedding in the bride and groom’s celebration. Each guest can light their own sky lantern, and then release them in unison at dusk for a spectacular sky display of love for the happy couple. Another common use of sky lanterns is for the couple to release them together during their wedding ceremony.

Party poppers are one of the most common items you will find at any celebration. Guests can really get into the moment by letting the bride and groom know just how excited and happy they are on their big day. Wedding party poppers take things one step further by packing the poppers in elegant champagne bottle-shaped housings. These wedding poppers are a classy way to spice up any type of wedding, and everyone who attends will enjoy the party even more. Whether it’s wedding sparklers or sky lanterns, fireworks are a sure way to enhance your wedding.

Now you can enhance your wedding celebration in Minnesota! Renaissance Fireworks is the largest retailer of fireworks in Minnesota, and we have been sharing in special wedding moments for over eight years. We have complete fireworks assortments specifically put together to enrich your wedding experience. Our fireworks assortments ensure that you have the right amount of fireworks for your wedding celebration to enjoy with your friends and family.

We also have a large selection of individual fireworks available, so you can customize your wedding fireworks. We have many fountains, sparklers, and noisemakers to choose from, so you can make your wedding experience your own. If you have questions about ordering, please feel free to contact us. From everyone at Renaissance Fireworks, we bid you good wishes on your most special of days!